About Haup2it Digital Marketing

We provide creative services for small business including web design & development, animated business video ads and strategic online marketing and promotion services.

Haup2it has been designing websites in Rural Alberta since 2004. Our sites come search engine optimized so that you don't have to hire someone to do it after it's been created. 

We market the entire Pigeon Lake Community online by providing  a powerful networking hub site called Pigeon Lake ONLINE. Businesses and community groups promote their services & events, news, job opportunities and more on this high traffic community hub site.

Check out Pigeon Lake ONLINE

Haup2it gives back by offering FREE design services for Not For Profit community groups (within municipal boundries). Such sites so far  include  Pigeon Lake Child & Family Society, Lions Club of Pigeon Lake, Mulhurst Bay Community League, Bosom Buddies, Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber Of Commerce and more. 

We take pride in creating dynamic, interactive websites for small businesses, usually within 2 weeks! If you want to get found online, hire Haup2it to create your webspace quickly & effectively today!